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    After 14 years at advertising and media agencies, and 4 years at Levi Strauss EMEA, Paul set up citizenbay in 2004 to help shake things up in marketing within organisations. We help organisations improve internal relationships (sales/marketing/finance/production), external relationships (content supplier/agency/media owner/client) and their communications strategies. From boardrooms to young talent, we help foster greater curiosity through workshops, internal conferences, one-on-one coaching, and interactive online services - curiosity breeds ideas. Clients include: Sony Music Europe, Samsung, BBC World, K-Swiss, Discovery Networks, The Economist, Twinings, start-ups and media, digital & creative agencies.
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    Paul set up citizensound 3 years ago. We define the sonic identity of brands, and shape their music strategy, come up with great little ideas and measure it all too. We also develop fresh marketing strategies for artists, their managers and labels.
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    Paul writes a blog for left-handers when he finds some time...

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    Hi Alistair. Thanks for posting your comment. My comment about TV being the forgotten medium is more to do with the cult of the new that can at times overwhelm our industry. We sometimes are gripped with a need to champion the new solely because it is new - webpage, Branded Content, Second Life, twitter, a facebook page. Yet, TV, as audio visual entertainment, is as potent today as it has been for the last few decades. The compelling arguments about the power of TV (and I don't mean 'cheap', 'mass') have not been articulated as well as they could have been, during this time where audio-visual media dominates. It is this that I sense where the medium has been forgotten.


    Completely agree with the sentiment "that TV is back" however Paul you're the first person I've heard descibe it as a "forgotten medium"....that is a bit harsh

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