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April 27, 2010



Incredible... and 70% of investment still goes into these that havent even been mentioned.... we must be forgetting something here ... seems really out of balance.

Maarten Albarda

Let's be very clear: we at ABI do not advocate a move from on air to online, or from "analogue" to "digital". There is no reason to bash or diminish the role of TV. It has one. It will continue to have one.

It is also very wrong to compare share of investment between connection points. Cost is not an indication of relevance or importance. Radio always got a low share of spend because it is "cheap". Same with online. A dollar spend on TV vs a dollar spend online has a very different delivery potential. It is not a reflection of their relative importance.

Finally (and then I will climb off my soap box...): we should break down investment in "digital" or "online" as they are too generic as categories. We need to know investment in online video, search, social, banner, etc. etc. The same is true for "mobile"...

Ultimately, the only driver for making choices should be "where is my consumer"? Go fish where the fish are. If, after careful analysis, the decision is to invest 70% of your budget on TV, then great. If the analysis leads to 0% TV then great, too.


Thanks for your comments Maarten and Alex.

First Alex. I don't see anything wrong in the lack of conversation about media that still secures a large proportion of marketing investment. Our industry has always been about the challenge of getting to grips with the new, as it should be. It would be more worrying if the chart I made had reference only to TV and Print! The lack of balance is where I sense the industry is often led to translating 'NEW' into 'THROWAWAY'. I see too many brands/agencies pushing for a Facebook page for instance, without having worked out what the business objectives will be for it.

Maarten, I absolutely agree with you that Spend on a medium is not a reflection of it's importance. Unfortunately in many brand organisations, the spend DOES shapre their perceptions of the contribution of the media agencies ('Agencies are TV buyers'), while the big agencies do not do enough to broaden their competencies fast enough to cover wider ground.
Also agree Maarten on the breakdown from online and mobile to more useful tracking.
You are on the money regarding the fishing trip too. However, as in the real fishing world, we have been guilty of overfishing using massive nets, capturing everything in their wake. Now, we must focus on careful & continual nurturing.

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