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February 04, 2009


Patrick Dodd

I also believe that barter is going to make resurgence as a direct result of the credit crisis. However, I don’t think that FairTrade and bartering go hand in hand as Fairtrade producers in developing countries depend on hard currency and bartering doesn’t really work for international trade. Just my 2 cents.

Debbie DeSousa

Third World countries know barter more then anyone becasue the have no other choice. When there is no cash people must barter. Barter is done on all levels of business from the smallest business to large governments. Barter is the only true free enterprise system (no government interferance).


Patrick, great clarification on Fairtrade and barter. I guess I was looking for a shorthand way of saying that barter has to be based on a fair exchange of services. Maybe got it wrong!

Debbie, agreed that with no cash, there is no choice. It just seems that barter has value even where there is the alternative of cash.

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