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January 26, 2007


Kathryn Hellewell

Thanks for your comments. I'd just like clarify my feelings on UGC as I think you completely misinterpreted what I was saying. The point of the slide I showed was that the customer's review was written appallingly with regards to spelling, grammer and content. The author had also completely missed what the film was about and ruined the ending for others. My point being, how would you moderate a comment like this? There was nothing offensive about it, it's just not great content to have on your site sitting with your brand.

I have absolutely no problem with people being honest about film. If you look at you will notice every film we play has a link to Time Out's film review who I think most of us know are rarely generous when dishing out the star ratings.


Kathryn, thanks so much for contributing to the blog and clarifying your point on UGC. Much appreciated. With regards your point on how to moderate a comment like the one where someone gives the ending away, I am pulled in two directions.

Firstly, there will always be people who can't help but mention the footie results when people don't want to know, or those who can't help but spill the beans on the ending of a film. The web just magnifies this human trait somewhat. A furious response from others to the person who shares the ending may make the person thinnk twice about their actions when contributing in the future.

Secondly, the word 'moderate' is a loaded one. It can imply 'moderation by our rules'. The brave brands won't moderate at all (other than when boundaries of decency, language and so on are crossed). It is a bit like Nike, who, during the world cup, invited people online to create their favourite world cup side. All sounds good, except that the players to choose from were only those sponsored by Nike. Here moderation was control.

you are right about the Time Out film reviews, and not just for film. In music, they seem to like very little at all!

Thanks for the visit and for the clarification.

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