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August 22, 2006


Derrick Daye


I'm sure you agree, Martin is onto something here by encouraging brand managers to consider all senses when connecting with prospective and existing customers. Sensory branding and sensory innovation techniques seem so over-looked. There is so much opportunity to differentiate products and services in this area. Would a quieter lawnmower sell more? Maybe. Would a scented carpet sell more? Maybe. Build a meaningful bridge wherever you can.


Apologies for the lateness in my reply Derrick, but I absolutely agree with you. A client of mine produces scissors and knives amongst other items.

I mentioned to them the importance of sound for those who wish to buy a great pair of scissors. I can remember my mum putting a pair of scissors by her ears to hear how good they sounded.

Thanks for the post.


I once bought a copy of a men's magazine, and had a remarkable first impression of it since it had a smell to it. It didn't smell like wet paper.

I later discovered that it was simply because they had an advertisement with a perfume sample inside, so it was not intended as a brand smell. But if they kept doing it, I'd would really be something.

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