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    After 14 years at advertising and media agencies, and 4 years at Levi Strauss EMEA, Paul set up citizenbay in 2004 to help shake things up in marketing within organisations. We help organisations improve internal relationships (sales/marketing/finance/production), external relationships (content supplier/agency/media owner/client) and their communications strategies. From boardrooms to young talent, we help foster greater curiosity through workshops, internal conferences, one-on-one coaching, and interactive online services - curiosity breeds ideas. Clients include: Sony Music Europe, Samsung, BBC World, K-Swiss, Discovery Networks, The Economist, Twinings, start-ups and media, digital & creative agencies.
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    Paul set up citizensound 3 years ago. We define the sonic identity of brands, and shape their music strategy, come up with great little ideas and measure it all too. We also develop fresh marketing strategies for artists, their managers and labels.
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    I'd question whether a shiny new agency should be called a 'media' agency at all. It strikes me as being rather old-fashioned - and certainly very limiting.

    The perception that media agencies are simply there to buy space is pervasive within the communication world. Whose fault is it? I suppose the blame has to lie at the doors of the media agencies themselves for not doing a better job of telling the rest of us what they really (can/could) do. But, would you want to start an agency in an existing category and then expend the time (= effort + money) trying to educate the public into believing you do more than they think - and expect - providers in that category do? Wouldn't it be better to create a new category and be the first player in it?

    What would that new category be called? I don't know yet, but I'd like to hear what other people have to say. A communications agency is what you'd want it to be, but every man and his dog have been calling themselves communications agencies for the past five or six years, so that's out as a category.

    The one thing I'd say it would have to be, is a full service (there's another quaintly old-fashioned term) agency. I've never really understood why media buying became divorced from the creative side of the business. I think the workshop part of IMM 09 demonstrated the creativity that already exists within the ranks of media buying/selling practitioners. Why not combine that with the creative discipline - if that's not an oxymoron - and develop an offer that promises to deliver better, more effective, more holistic results than can be achieved by creative agencies and media agencies working separately and then cobbling things together at the end?

    Let's harness that Icelandic pony and ride off into the (never) setting sun together...


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