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After 18 years in the marketing and media world, Paul set up citizenbay in 2004 to help shake things up in marketing within organisations by:
- Improving your Relationships
- Refreshing your Strategy
- Encouraging Curiosity.

People are not consumers. They are people. Brands are having to learn to engage with communities and build relationships in whole new ways.

Improved relationships in the marketing and media world ensures more trust and time focused on idea development and executiional excellence.

This why we at citizenbay help organisations:
- improve internal relationships (sales/marketing/finance/production)
- external relationships (content supplier/agency/media owner/client).
- advise companies on agency selection
- improve their existing agency/client relationships.
- advise media brands on how to improve their connections with clients and agencies too.
- assist agencies on their credentials positioning

We help clients take a fresh look at their strategic direction:
- revitalising structures and relationships within the organisation
- developing new communications strategies
- Asset leveraging through innovative deals
- 5 year Brand Plans
- Strategic papers on industry trends
- Building strategic marketing alliances with brands for media brand;

We also encourage Curiosity:
- Company-wide revenue-generating idea generation programmes
- Co-creator of the IMM course from 2004 to 2009.
- Future trends
- Turning information into insight
- Making sense of consumer behaviours
- Social media as a tool not a gimmick
- Digital for dummies
- Asset leveraging
- negotiations techniques

Clients include: Sony Music Europe, Samsung, BBC World, Whole Foods, K-Swiss, Discovery Networks, The Economist, Twinings, start-ups and media, digital & creative agencies.

Recent projects have included:
- Social Media strategy in Netherlands for a global client
- Refresh and shape a sales conference for a media owner
- Help global client with white paper on what a 2015 marketing team looks like
- Global communications strategy and consumer insights research
- Workshop programme to stimuate change in global company's approach to marketing across Europe (15 markets covered)

Paul is also the founder of citizensound, writes for journals/websites, started a blog for left-handed people (when he has the time) and plans to write a book

Prior to citizenbay:

Between 2000-2003, Paul was Director of Consumer Communications at Levi Strauss EMEA championing a more consumer-centric and integrated approach to communications thinking. He also ran the Accessories Business Division and instigated a company-wide idea generation programme.

Prior to that, Paul spent a number of years on the advertising and media agency side, starting with McCann Erickson, then Leo Burnett, ending as International Media Director at M&C Saatchi and Walker Media, working with clients such as British Airways, Coca Cola, Reebok and McDonald's

Industry Awards include:
M&M Europe - ‘Campaign of Year’ twice plus 11 others
Media Week - Best International Campaign

‘Evaluating Effectiveness of Integrated Comms’
‘Uniting Creative & Media’
‘Media 360’
‘Integrated Marketing’
‘CEE: New Europe’
Understanding Digital Youth
M&M Europe Co-Chair IMM Conference 04-09,
Food & Beverage Marketing 2006,
MTV Generation XY

Past Member of World Federation of Advertisers
Contributor to Centre for Integrated Marketing